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Baseball and the BMI

Baseball has had all sort of body types take the field in its history.  There have been very tall players, rather short players,  hefty hefty hefty players and wimpy wimpy wimpy ones too. Over at Beyond the Boxscore, Bill Petti … Continue reading

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All 4 Runs and Runs for All, Almost . . .

During Friday night’s Blue Jays/Rays tilt, Toronto right fielder Jose Bautista scored each of the first four Blue Jay runs.  Sadly for the VORG, with Chris Woodward on first base in the bottom of the 11th, John McDonald homered, ruining … Continue reading

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The Anagrammatical Beauty of Starlin Castro

Starlin Castro is one the brightest shining lights for a Cubs team in a state of flux.  Castro was Baseball America’s top Cubs prospect at the beginning of 2010.  The 21-year-old Castro made the jump from Double-A to the majors … Continue reading

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1040 Reasons to Be Happy on Tax Day

In honor of Tax Day, let’s see the players who have memorable 1040s: First up, the batters . . . Games: Not one single player has played in exactly 1040 games in their career.  Bill Sweeney, an infielder for the … Continue reading

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Best Players with Tiles in Scoring Position

So we’ve been through the guys whose names are acceptable in Scrabble.  But what about the guys whose names are worth the most points in Scrabble? We’re not going to concern ourselves with those names that can’t be formed with … Continue reading

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Cards’ Magic Number (of late) is 14

After managing more than seven hits in only two of their first eight games, the Cardinals pounded out 11 hits in their game on April 10th.  Then they kicked it into another gear, with a streak of five straight games … Continue reading

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I’m “All In” for Alliteration, Alberto Alburquerque!

The Tigers called up reliever Alberto (Al) Alburquerque this week.  Now, I’m not the only blogger with a fondness for great names, but what struck me about this fellow beyond the name’s alliteration was the matched sequence of the first … Continue reading

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