Just Like Starting Over

When MLB.COM first offered fans the opportunity to create their own blogs to be hosted on their website, I jumped at the chance.  Despite being charged $49.95 for the privilege of providing content to their site, I saw it as a chance to have my work viewed by millions of passionate fans of the game.

My blog “Diamonds are for Humor” was primarily a hopefully witty take on the goings-on within the game.  A silly caption to an odd photo . . . a song parody based on a noteworthy quote . . . a Top Ten list.  But the blog also featured more serious posts regarding the state of the game, as well as statistical analysis (both quirky and serious).

After a couple of years at MLB, I was offered a job writing for another baseball blog, and so I bid farewell in April 2007.  That blog closed up shop, and I then was asked to join what is now my primary home, Alex Belth’s wonderful Bronx Banter blog.

But, there are still stories I want to tell outside of the Banter.  So that’s why “Value Over Replacement Grit” is here.  It will be similar in scope to “Diamonds are for Humor”, and hopefully you’ll find something in it that will tickle your funny bone, or make you think, or help you appreciate this great game in a new way.

Play ball!

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