VORG’s version of an NPR Weekend Edition “Sunday Puzzle”

If you listen to NPR’s Weekend Edition on Sundays, you are familiar with “Puzzlemaster” Will Shortz’s puzzles.  Shortz offers a challenge for the listeners to solve, and a randomly selected correct respondent gets to come on the show the following week.

Well, I’m going to put on my Value Over Replacement Grit “Puzzlemaster” hat and give you a baseball puzzle to solve:

Take the first and last name of a current outfielder (now in Triple-A, but he has been in the Majors in prior seasons), move the first letter of his last name to the end of his first name, and you’ll have the first and last name of a former major league relief pitcher.  Name the players.

Possible hint: The current player is African-American.  The former player is White.

Answer tomorrow if not sooner (leave a guess).

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3 Responses to VORG’s version of an NPR Weekend Edition “Sunday Puzzle”

  1. Richard Silberg says:

    gregg olson and greg golson

  2. Dave M. says:

    It’s got to be Yankee AAA OF Greg Golson (and former ROY Gregg Olson)

  3. dianagram says:

    Well done, gentlemen!

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