The Scrabble All-Star Team

If you aren’t a member of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research), then you are truly missing out on a lot of fun and information.  The Society has chapter meetings all over the country, with members offering presentations on baseball research projects.  There is an annual convention which includes research presentations, panel discussions, trips to Major and Minor league parks, a trivia contest, and a lot of friendly folks (most of whom DO NOT live in their parents’ basement).

Anyhow, Bruce Brown is a long-time SABR member, with an interest in trivia, unique player names, and “theme teams“.  He invites submissions for theme teams, and I gave him the following:

Each name here, both first and last, is an acceptable Scrabble word. This is not an inclusive list!

1B –       Bill Terry*
2B –       Joe Morgan*
3B –       Frank Baker*
SS –      Monte Ward*
LF –       Mickey Mantle*
CF –      Willie Mays*
RF –      Babe Ruth*
DH –      Mike Piazza
PH – (r)   Josh Gibson*
PH – (l)   Duke Snider*
PH – (b)  Early Wynn*
PR –       Bobby Bonds
RH –      Bob Feller*
RH –      Bob Gibson*
RH –      Dizzy Dean*
RH –      Chief Bender*
LH –      Lefty Grove*
LH –      Randy Johnson
LH –      Whitey Ford*
LH –      Herb Score
RP –       ROD BECK
Closer –  LEE SMITH
Mgr –     Earl Weaver*
GM –      Bobby Cox
Ballpark Organists – Sue Nelson, Jack Doll, Shay Torrent
*Hall of Fame
ALL CAPS = All-Star
Bold = Inspiration

6 thoughts on “The Scrabble All-Star Team

  1. Well played. I’d go with Jake Peavy (2007 CYA) over Matt Morris, but that’s just me. And maybe Jimmy Bouton somewhere.

  2. A very good friend of mine and genius press agent, Al Davis (not THAT Al Davis), published “The All-Lover All-Star Team: And Fifty Other Improbable Baseball All-Star Line-Ups” with his business partner Elliot Horne in 1990. It’s very well written. Maybe you know about it already. Teams include the Alliteration All-Star Team (e.g., Ham Hyatt, Denny Doyle, etc.), Unpronounceable Name All-Star Team (Dale Sveum, Joe Zdeb). It’s out of print, but around 30 copies can be had on Amazon:

    Al passed away earlier this year, and was one of the funniest people I ever knew.

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