1040 Reasons to Be Happy on Tax Day

In honor of Tax Day, let’s see the players who have memorable 1040s:

First up, the batters . . .

Games: Not one single player has played in exactly 1040 games in their career.  Bill Sweeney, an infielder for the Boston Doves in the 1900s, comes closest at 1039.

At Bats: In a quirk that will make the Red Sox fan site “Sons of Sam Horn” happy, their namesake is the only player to end his career with exactly 1040 at bats.

Runs: No one has exactly 1040 runs scored in their career, but Mike Cameron and Jason Kendall (once he gets off the DL) should hit the mark sometime soon.  Mickey Cochrane and Paul O’Neill each finished with 1041 runs.

Hits: 3B Marv Owen of the 1930s-era Detroit Tigers ended his playing days with exactly 1040 hits.

Extra Base Hits: Andre Dawson (1039) and Pete Rose (1041) finished on either end of the magic 1040 in this category.

RBI: The late Bobby Murcer hung ’em up with 1043 ribbies.  Aramis Ramirez (1037) will nab #1040 soon.

Walks: Hall of Famer Max Carey took 1040 walks all-time.

Strikeouts: No one has exactly 1040 Ks.  Frank White is closest for his career (1035), while the free-swinging Ryan Howard just passed it (1046).

Now, the pitchers . . .

Games: Recently retired reliever Trevor Hoffman (1035) comes closest.

Innings: Another reliever, Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter (1042) nearly nailed the 1040.

Runs: James Leslie (Hippo) Vaughn surrendered 1039 runs in his time on the mound from 1908-1921.

Hits: Pete Smith, one of the Braves’ rotation anchors (or was he just dead weight?) just prior to the arrival of Smoltz, Glavine, et. al. comes the closest in this category (1043).

Walks: Just call him Walkin’ Wes Ferrell, as he issued exactly 1040 walks.  Fun fact: Ferrell’s middle name is Cheek.  (Really!)

Strikeouts: Gary Nolan (1039), Jim O’Toole (1039) and Dan Plesac (1041) surround the magic 1040, careerwise.

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