The Anagrammatical Beauty of Starlin Castro

Starlin Castro is one the brightest shining lights for a Cubs team in a state of flux.  Castro was Baseball America’s top Cubs prospect at the beginning of 2010.  The 21-year-old Castro made the jump from Double-A to the majors in 2010 and though his defense was a little shaky (27 errors in 123 games), he compiled a slash line of .300/.347/.408.

This season, he’s gotten off to an ever better start with the bat (.375/.398/.513).  His defense still isn’t stellar (3 errors in his first 18 games and a negative Total Zone Rating), but he IS just 21.

But VORG thinks there will be some further bumps in the road.  We foresee some abusive fans shouting derogatory things towards him.  How will he react?  The answer lies in an anagram to his name, for STARLIN CASTRO rearranges to SNARL TO RACIST.

We also suspect he’ll sustain a painful injury in his future.  No, its not the oblique (aka “the injury of the year”).  Its a bit lower.

STARLIN CASTRO anagrams to SCROTAL STRAIN.  (Sorry, Starlin)

6 thoughts on “The Anagrammatical Beauty of Starlin Castro

  1. You realize there are no striated muscles in the scrotum. A groin strain is a common baseball injury but no one really strains the scrotum.

  2. My favorite alliteration is still “DREAM ORGY SIZE”, a perfect anagram for a player with a sizable female fan club (“Grady’s Ladies”–Cleveland outfielder Grady Sizemore). I’m glad to see someone else anagrams players’ names. I’ve come up with some other decent ones, but Grady’s has always stuck in my mind due to the sheer raunchiness of it.

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