All 4 Runs and Runs for All, Almost . . .

During Friday night’s Blue Jays/Rays tilt, Toronto right fielder Jose Bautista scored each of the first four Blue Jay runs.  Sadly for the VORG, with Chris Woodward on first base in the bottom of the 11th, John McDonald homered, ruining Bautista’s run-hogging.

Nonetheless, scoring all of your team’s runs is pretty easy if its only one or two.  But how about four, or more?  Off to the Baseball Reference Play Index we go.

Amazingly, going all the way back to 1919 (the extent of B-R’s gamelog data), only ONCE had a player ever scored all four of his team’s runs, regardless of whether it was in a win or loss and regardless of the length of the game. (And no, no one has scored all five (or more) of his team’s runs in a game.)

On July 19, 2009, Matt Kemp scored all four of the Dodgers’ runs in a 4-3 LA win over the Houston Astros.

Curse you, John McDonald.

(Afterword: Alert reader Bob Timmermann pointed out that Eric Davis also pulled off the “all 4 runs” feat, back in 1990.)

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