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Craig Calcaterra likes me (or at least my geekdom)

I sent Craig Calcaterra the info on the number of 7-3 games, and he posted this: Sometimes I take pride in myself over my baseball geekdom. And then someone like Dianagram comes along and reveals me to be a rank … Continue reading

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A day for remembering 7-3 scores

The tweet came across my feed late last night: @craigcalcaterra Four games end with 7-3 final scores. This is important. This means something. [sculpts Devils tower in mashed potatoes] Of course, this set the VORG into action.  Was May 30, … Continue reading

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The Pirates “Road” to Respectability

Last season, the Pittsburgh Pirates went an amazing 17-64 (.210) on the road.  This season, going into Monday’s game at Citi Field, the Buccos already have 15 wins away from home (15-13, .536).  That’s a .326 improvement so far in … Continue reading

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Lineups from 1 to 9

Last time out, I talked about searching for the alphabetical batting order. The folks at Baseball Think Factory picked up the story, and one commenter put this thought out there: “On a side note, while I was researching 1918 starting … Continue reading

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Lineups from A to Z

The lineup is of course an integral part of baseball.  It literally establishes an order to the game, as described within the Official Baseball Rules: 6.01 (a) Each player of the offensive team shall bat in the order that his … Continue reading

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The Most Voweluable Player Award goes to …

A few days ago, I wrote about the longest player names in major league history.  But of course, there is more gold to be mined when it comes to player names. With that, I present the all-time “Most Voweluable Player” … Continue reading

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