The Most Voweluable Player Award goes to …

A few days ago, I wrote about the longest player names in major league history.  But of course, there is more gold to be mined when it comes to player names.

With that, I present the all-time “Most Voweluable Player” awards, given to the players whose last names have the highest percentage of vowels.  The awards will be given in name length order, with the number of vowels, vowel percentage, number of players and list of players (if five or under, otherwise first and last alphabetically).   May I have the first envelope please:

2 letters (1 vowel, 50%): 2, Fu-Te Ni, Chin-Lung Hu (the only two players in ML history with a two-letter last name)

3 letters (2 vowels, 67%): 50, from John Ake to Jae Seo

4 letters (3 vowels, 75%): 17, from Don Aase to Lee Viau

5 letters (3 vowels, 60%): 303, from Hank Aaron to Todd Zeile

6 letters (4 vowels, 67%): 24, from John Abadie to Koji Uehara

7 letters (5 vowels, 71%): 5, Rich Aurilia, Joe Ausanio, Frank Eufemia, Tony Eusebio, Kila Kaaihue

8 letters (5 vowels, 63%): 18, from Rick Aguilera to Mark Teixeira

9 letters (6 vowels, 67%): 1, Dee Cousineau

10 letters (6 vowels, 60%): 5, George Lauzerique, Bevo LeBourveau, Nick Neugebauer, Bobby Tiefenauer, Matt Tuiasosopo

11 letters (6 vowels, 55%): 2, Scott Kamieniecki, Tom Wiedenbauer

12 letters (6 vowels, 50%): 2, Bill Monboquette, Gene Vadeboncoeur

13 letters (5 vowels, 38%): 5, Gene DeMontreville, Lee DeMontreville, Lou Schiappacasse, Tim Spooneybarger, Steve Wojciechowski

14 letters (6 vowels, 43%): 1, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

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