A day for remembering 7-3 scores

The tweet came across my feed late last night:

@craigcalcaterra Four games end with 7-3 final scores. This is important. This means something. [sculpts Devils tower in mashed potatoes]

Of course, this set the VORG into action.  Was May 30, 2011 a record-setting day?  Was this the date with the most games ending with 7-3 scores in baseball history?

Well, as a matter of fact . . . yes!!!!!

The previous record was three, set 23 times through the end of 2010 (and yes, there were fewer games played each day when there weren’t 30 teams, but let’s put that fact aside).

The first “three times 7-3 day” occurred on June 21, 1914.

The most recent instance was May 26, 2010, when the Nationals topped the Giants, the Braves beat the Marlins and the Rockies bested the Diamondbacks.

Given the labor strife in the NFL, this might be the closest we get to “football scores” for a while.

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