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Eye Color Inside the Baselines

Rangers’ outfielder Josh Hamilton suggested that guys with blue eyes have trouble hitting during day games. “I ask guys all the time,” Hamilton told ESPN 103.3 FM’s Bryan Dolgin when asked if he had any theories to his drastic splits. … Continue reading

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For Father’s Day

Given that its Father’s Day weekend, I’m going to offer up something a bit more serious.  This is an essay I wrote for a series of “Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories” over at Bronx Banter back in 2008.  An abridged version … Continue reading

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Introducing “Great Names in Baseball History”

While doing research for an upcoming post, I came upon quite possibly the most wondrous (if not most tasty) name in organized baseball history.  May I present to you . . . Josh Cakebread! Yes . . . Josh Cakebread … Continue reading

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Its Your Birthday . . . Go Directly to the Big Leagues

So you are thinking of having a child, and hoping that if its a boy, he’ll grow up to be a major leaguer.  Is there any more likelihood of that happening based on his birthday? The indispensable Lahman Baseball Database … Continue reading

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Lots of Alliterative Last Name Lineup Loading

We’ve done lineups in fielding position order.  We’ve done alphabetical lineups.  Now, how about lineups with last names that all begin with the same letter? Well, there has never been a batting order with all nine guys starting with the … Continue reading

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The Most Popular Scores in Baseball History

On the heels of the Craig Calcaterra-inspired “7-3 score day” post, there was a request for the most frequent final scores in baseball history.  Fortunately, the VORG is prepared with the Retrosheet game logs of most every contest from 1871-2010, … Continue reading

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