Introducing “Great Names in Baseball History”

While doing research for an upcoming post, I came upon quite possibly the most wondrous (if not most tasty) name in organized baseball history.  May I present to you . . . Josh Cakebread!

Yes . . . Josh Cakebread . . . a 5’7″, 165 pound, 26-year-old Aussie who is currently manning shortstop for the independent Pecos League Roswell Invaders.

Who couldn’t love a guy with a last name combining two of the greatest starch/sugar edibles in the universe.  If only he had been eligible for the First Year Player Draft.  He might have been a (wait for it) Sandwich Pick.

And with that, a new topic is born on the VORG.  More great names to follow in the weeks and months ahead.

3 thoughts on “Introducing “Great Names in Baseball History”

      • Oh god, this name is amazing!

        Bris Lord–this sounds like something you would call the Supreme Mohel.
        Bristol Robotham Lord–it has robot in it, which is especially impressive given that robots weren’t even a thing back when he was born.
        “The Human Eyeball”–Again, combining this with his full name, he really sounds like he belongs in a sci-fi movie. Combining that with the shortened name of “Bris”, and you get a monstrous cyborg (the name “Human Eyeball” means he can’t be fully robotic) who circumcises people with laser vision. MST3K would have a field day with this movie.

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