I’m a Good Luck Charm if I’m 3,000 Miles Away

On the night the Yankees clinched their most recent World Series, I was in San Francisco. Today, as Derek Jeter collected his 3,000 hit, I am in Long Beach.

I hereby offer to stay in California if the Yankees pay my moving expenses and rent and give me a sizable stipend.

1 thought on “I’m a Good Luck Charm if I’m 3,000 Miles Away

  1. Good call on the “38 Special” thing as well–though it wasn’t his very next game, his 3000th hit was indeed part of his 38th career game with at least four hits, and in fact his third game with 5 hits.

    And then he had another 5-hit game later in the season. It still amazes me that Jeter had two 5-hit games last year, when he’d only had two 5-hit games in his entire career prior to last year.

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