Why the NL Central is Up for Grabs

You could say the NL Central race is competitive.

You could also say the NL Central race is evenly-matched.

You should say the NL Central race is a battle of mediocrity, featuring one team exceeding all expectations (Pirates), one team slightly underperforming expectations (Brewers), one team underperforming expectations greatly (Reds) and one team doing as expected given the injuries (Cardinals).

So why is the 2011 NL Central shaping up to be a copy of the 1973 NL East dogfight of “meh” teams?

Each of the four contenders has had at least one losing streak of six games during the season.  Only the Brewers have had even one six-game winning streak.

WIN 6 4 4 5
LOSS 7 6 7 6

I’ll be doing a more historical analysis of win and loss streaks of division winners soon, but for now . . . does anyone have the horses to take control of this division?

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