KIPNIS plays well with others … other letters that is

The Cleveland Indians, in desperate need of some offense given their recent rash of injuries, last week called up their top prospect, 2B Jason Kipnis.

While the VORG applauds this move for baseball reasons, it also makes good sense for Scrabble purposes.

You see, many tournament Scrabble players like to study what are called “stems”.  These are combinations of six or seven letters, which when added to another letter, form “bingos” (the term used when one plays all their tiles at once.  It generates a 50-point bonus).  Generally, most stems (and bingos) include some/all of the following letters: A, E, I, N, R, S, T.

KIPNIS is a six-letter “word” featuring three distinct “stem” letters, so its a good start to finding a bingo.  It turns out that KIPNIS can make seven different acceptable seven-letter words when added to another letter, as follows:






Now, the only less than common bingo here are “PIPKINS” and “KIPSKIN”.  You should be able to find most of the other seven-letter words on your rack without too much trouble.  The “SPIKING/PIGSKIN” combo is also an easy set to remember.

Nonetheless, the next time you are playing Scrabble (and I hope you are spending every free moment doing so), and you are rearranging the letters on your rack (as you should every time you draw new tiles), if you happen to see the name of the new Indians second baseman amongst your seven tiles, look for E, G, H, K, or P to make a bingo.

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  1. Well, you definitely wouldn’t see another K if you had Kipnis’s name on your rack, since there’s only one K in any Scrabble tile set and thus “Kipskin” can only be made using a blank tile.

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