Vowels “batting” first and second in a name

A fellow named Nate Eovaldi made his major league debut a few nights ago for the Dodgers.  Pitched five innings, struck out seven, even got a hit and scored a run.  A nice beginning to a career.

But what’s most important about his debut, from a VORG standpoint, is that he is the first “Eo”-anything to play in the Majors.

There are 676 possible combinations of first and second letters in a name (26 squared).  If you exclude “y” from the “vowels” picture, there are 25 possible “vowel-only” combinations of first and second letters.  And Nate Eovaldi just claimed the first “Eo”.

What’s left unclaimed of the 25 combos?:

  • Ae (though there have been 3 minor league players with this combo), Ao (29 minor leaguers, including 4 still active)
  • Ie (5 minor leaguers), Ii (19 minor leaguers, 2 still active), Iu (1 minor leaguer)
  • Oi (9 minor leaguers), Oo (5 minor leaguers)
  • Ua (not even a minor leaguer either), Ui (same situation as Ua. I wish someone out there had a family name based on this mineral), Uo (same as Ua), Uu (same as Ua)

Depending on how Nate’s career goes, there might be a biopic movie made, with this dialogue:

Scene: an empty train station (near Dodger Stadium)
Agent Smith: You hear that Rookie?… That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death… Goodbye, Rookie.
Nate: My name… is Eo.

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