No plate discipline, but likes being disciplined with the pitch?

In this week’s “The Baseball Show with Rany and Joe” podcast, it was mentioned that the Brewers’ Nyjer Morgan has more HBPs (9) than walks (7, in 266 at-bats, as of 8/18).  Its a bit of a statistical aberration for Morgan, as through the 2010 season, he had amassed 23 HBPs versus 99 walks.

Regardless, it made me wonder how many players went through a season with more HBPs than walks.   A quick trip to the Lahman database provided some enlightenment.

Morgan has a ways to go to catch some of these guys who’d rather “take one for the team” than “take your base”:

The last player to make the list was John McDonald in 2009, getting plunked twice and taking only one free pass in 151 ABs.  Ryan Doumit is the last 10+ HBP guy with fewer than 10 walks, in 2005.  Morgan needs one HBP to have a chance to join that “club”.


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  1. Ember Nickel says:

    The Avett brother lyrics “Oh Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in/Are you aware the shape I’m in?” seem relevant.

  2. Ember Nickel says:

    Oh, never mind, BLN is Baltimore. Oops.

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