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MONEYBALL anagrams to . . . other movies!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year (and with the way the world’s news is trending these days, that might be preferable), you know that the movie adaptation of Moneyball is coming out today. With that … Continue reading

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When “just one bad inning” is an understatement

How many times have you listened to a post-game interview, and the manager or pitcher of the losing team states that it was just “one bad inning” that did them in? Now, to be sure, there are plenty of occasions … Continue reading

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Star Wars and Baseball: The Fandom Menace

In recognition of Friday’s release of the “everything plus the kitchen sink, even if it pisses off the fan base” Blu-Ray Star Wars box set, here are the baseball players whose names most closely match various characters from the Star … Continue reading

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Are you ready for some football during the pennant races?

With this being the opening weekend of the NFL, I thought we should find some football-type baseball scores.  So, after parsing out the Sunday games that feature multiples of 7s and 3s, here are the highest “football-like” scores in MLB … Continue reading

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What if the pennant races never materialize?

So here we are, just past Labor Day, and most people seem to agree that four of the six division races are pretty much over and both Wild Card races are kaput.  There are still 20-something games to go, and … Continue reading

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