Are you ready for some football during the pennant races?

With this being the opening weekend of the NFL, I thought we should find some football-type baseball scores.  So, after parsing out the Sunday games that feature multiples of 7s and 3s, here are the highest “football-like” scores in MLB history.

Topping our list is two instances of 31 runs (21-10, 17-14).  The 21-10 game occurred on Sunday May 9, 1937, as the Bengals Reds, behind a complete game performance (!) from one Peaches Davis, bested the Eagles Phillies.  Besides the “pitching to the score” effort of Davis, the other notable item from this game is that it only took 2:24 to complete.  (You see, Yankees and BoSox? You CAN have huge offense games without pissing off Joe West).

The 17-14 contest was actually the second game of a doubleheader between the Lions Tigers and Raiders A’s on July 23, 1961.  No complete game hurler in this one, as 13 different pitchers toed the rubber in a 7 error, 15 walk, 3:54 “drudge match”.

Here is the full table of “27 points or more” football-score Sunday games:

5/9/1937 CIN 21 PHI 10
7/23/1961 DET 17 KC1 14
7/29/1928 NYA 6 CLE 24
8/19/1962 NYA 21 KC1 7
7/10/1887 NY4 7 CN2 21
5/5/1901 CHA 7 MLA 21
9/25/1921 CLE 7 NYA 21
6/26/1960 BOS 7 CHA 21
6/28/1942 WS1 14 SLA 13
5/1/1887 CL3 13 SL4 14
5/6/1979 ATL 13 CHN 14
4/16/2000 SLN 13 COL 14
6/12/1949 CIN 7 BRO 20
8/8/1954 CIN 7 BRO 20
7/8/1990 CAL 7 MIL 20
8/16/1914 PTF 6 IND 21
6/15/1930 NYA 17 CLE 10
5/11/2003 CLE 10 TEX 17

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  1. Another one from a few years ago was a 30-3 rout of the Cowboys over the Ravens, I mean Rangers over the Orioles. The Philadelphia Daily News wrote that the Rangers got four touchdowns and a safety. Actually, my theory is that the most common outcome of exactly 30 points in an NFL game is from three touchdowns, three points’ worth of conversions (usually three kicked extra points, but it could also be a kicked conversion, a missed conversion, and then a successful two-point attempt), and three field goals. And my theory is that that the second most cause of exactly 30 points in an NFL game is four touchdown, three points’ worth of conversions, and one field goal. I decided to test my theory on the results page for a season or so around that time, and I didn’t find a single instance of four touchdowns, four conversion points, and a safety. In that small sample, my theory held true. Incidentally, the latter instance, with a touchdown without a conversion to go along with it, is not necessarily a bad thing. There was an overtime game whose score was 30-24, with the 30 points coming on three touchdowns and conversion points and a field goal in regulation and a fourth touchdown to win the game in overtime. There is no conversion attempt for such a touchdown.

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