Be Vewwwwy Quiet . . . We’re Hunting Bwoxtons!

Jonathan Broxton has signed with the Royals, apparently after going on a hunting trip with Jeff Francoeur and Ned Yost.  What might they have been hunting for?: Moose Haas: 91-79 as a Brewer, including 13-3, 3.27 ERA in 1983. Bob Moose: Went 14-3, 2.91 ERA as 21-year-old for 1969 Pirates.  Pitched over 1100 innings in … Read moreBe Vewwwwy Quiet . . . We’re Hunting Bwoxtons!

When Black Friday Comes (MLB style)

If you were one of the insane people who stood outside a store at 10PM on Thanksgiving night to get a crack at buying something as trivial as a heavily-discounted waffle maker, then perhaps I could interest you in some drastically-reduced ballplayers? Yes, we’ve got the most bargain-basement prices on scrubs and stars alike … … Read moreWhen Black Friday Comes (MLB style)

A Very VORGy Thanksgiving

At this time of year, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following people/entities for making my baseball blogging world a better place (in no particular order): Baseball Prospectus: My first baseball stop each morning.  They’ve had a lot of staff turnover, and I really do miss Christina Kahrl‘s version of “Transaction Analysis“, … Read moreA Very VORGy Thanksgiving

The Anagrammatical Beauty of the top AL MVP Finishers

Now that the AL MVP award has been bestowed, let’s consider the anagrams that could be made from the names of the top vote-getters: The third place finisher’s offensive production was truly detailed in his anagram, as Jose Bautista anagrams to “O Jesus!  Its a bat!”.  Similar in tone, “Jose Bautista Blue Jays” rearranges to … Read moreThe Anagrammatical Beauty of the top AL MVP Finishers

Astro-nomical Miles to Go Before They Sleep

Just a quick post to point out that with the announcement of the move of the Astros to the AL West as soon as 2013, we’ll see the Houston club make longer trips to face their in-division rivals. Miles from Houston NL Central – 2011 Cubs 946 Reds 893 Brewers 1005 Pirates 1138 Cards 680 … Read moreAstro-nomical Miles to Go Before They Sleep

2011 NL π Young Award

Next up in the 2011 award series is the National League Cy Young Award, to be announced Thursday afternoon, with Clayton Kershaw being the  favorite to take the hardware. As we did with the American League,  we are giving out the “π Young Award,” in the National League.  Once again, it doesn’t matter what your … Read more2011 NL π Young Award

2011 VORG Manager of the Year Awards

Wednesday afternoon will see the continuation of the 2011 MLB award period, with the AL and NL Managers of the Year being announced.  These awards are usually given to the skipper of a team that exceeds its preseason expectations. At the VORG, we don’t think that’s true to the spirit of the word “manager”.  We … Read more2011 VORG Manager of the Year Awards

2011 AL π Young Award

MLB offers up its American League Cy Young Award winner Tuesday afternoon, with Justin Verlander being the odds-on favorite. At the VORG, we give out the “π Young Award,” which we introduced here.  It doesn’t matter what your won-loss record was, how many strikeouts you had, how many innings you tossed or whether your WHIP … Read more2011 AL π Young Award

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