2011 AL π Young Award

MLB offers up its American League Cy Young Award winner Tuesday afternoon, with Justin Verlander being the odds-on favorite.

At the VORG, we give out the “π Young Award,” which we introduced here.  It doesn’t matter what your won-loss record was, how many strikeouts you had, how many innings you tossed or whether your WHIP was super-sweet.  What DOES matter is how close your ERA came to 3.1415927.

The 2011 AL π Young Award goes to Scott Baker of the Minnesota Twins.  Baker compiled an 8-6 record for a team that finished more than 30 games under .500, but most importantly, his ERA for the year was exactly 3.14 (3.141089 for those calculating at home).  Baker edged out David Pauley (3.16), Jamey Wright (3.16) and Gio Gonzalez (3.12).

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