2011 NL π Young Award

Next up in the 2011 award series is the National League Cy Young Award, to be announced Thursday afternoon, with Clayton Kershaw being the  favorite to take the hardware.

As we did with the American League,  we are giving out the “π Young Award,” in the National League.  Once again, it doesn’t matter what your won-loss record was, how many strikeouts you had, how many innings you tossed or whether your WHIP was super-sweet.  What DOES matter is how close your ERA came to 3.1415927.

The NL race really came down to two pitchers . . . Taylor Buchholz of the Mets and Lance Lynn of the Cards.  As you can see in the following chart of the pitchers that finished closest to 3.14, they each came in at 3.12 for the year.

Player ERA Tm W L W-L% SV IP ER
Jordan Zimmermann 3.18 WSN 8 11 .421 0 161.1 57
Taylor Buchholz 3.12 NYM 1 1 .500 0 26.0 9
Lance Lynn 3.12 STL 1 1 .500 1 34.2 12
Brian Wilson 3.11 SFG 6 4 .600 36 55.0 19
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Generated 11/16/2011.

As it turns out, your ERA when you give up nine earned runs in 26 innings is exactly the same as when you yield 12 earned runs in 34.2 frames, (3.115384615).  So Buchholz and Lynn will share the award, a first for the “π”, even when we retroactively gave out the award from the inception of the Cy Young back in 1956.

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