The Anagrammatical Beauty of the top AL MVP Finishers

Now that the AL MVP award has been bestowed, let’s consider the anagrams that could be made from the names of the top vote-getters:

The third place finisher’s offensive production was truly detailed in his anagram, as Jose Bautista anagrams to “O Jesus!  Its a bat!”.  Similar in tone, “Jose Bautista Blue Jays” rearranges to “Joy!  Jesus! A suitable bat!”.  Do you think he should have finished first, because “Jose Bautista Most Valuable Player” does anagram to “I’m a top baseball’s value.  Truest joy!”  Finally, for those who didn’t think he could put up another year like 2010, “Jose Bautista Third Place” anagrams to “Jail as pathetic doubters.”

The second place finisher really did it all, batting .321 with 30+ homers and steals and winning a Gold Glove, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Jacoby Ellsbury anagrams to “Clearly busy job.”   But perhaps the talk of clubhouse shenanigans really did cost him the MVP, as “Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox” rearranges to “Joy!  Bold, burly sex races!”   But can he count on holding his spot on the roster (and in girl’s hearts) forever, because “Jacoby Ellsbury Most Valuable Player” anagrams to “Mercy!  Jobless Ultra-valuable playboy!”  Perhaps not, because “Jacoby Ellsbury Second Place” anagrams to “Cancel jobless, crude playboy.”

The top vote-getter kept many men from reaching base, as Justin Verlander anagrams to “Valid runner? Jest!”  Some statheads had a problem with the vote, but they did it politely, as “Justin Verlander Tigers” rearranges to “Nerds jeer.  (It isn’t vulgar)”  Overall, the balloting seemed like a coronation of his work, and the BBWAA was deeply appreciative, as “Justin Verlander Most Valuable Player” anagrams to “Voters marvel and jubilantly pleasure.”  Finally, will anyone really have a problem with this outcome, as “Justin Verlander First Place” anagrams to “Fans reject trivial plunders.”

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  1. “Valid runner? Jest!” could also describe the opinion of those of us who don’t believe Verlander was a legitimate candidate for the MVP. 🙂

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