Be Vewwwwy Quiet . . . We’re Hunting Bwoxtons!

Jonathan Broxton has signed with the Royals, apparently after going on a hunting trip with Jeff Francoeur and Ned Yost.  What might they have been hunting for?:

Moose Haas: 91-79 as a Brewer, including 13-3, 3.27 ERA in 1983.

Bob Moose: Went 14-3, 2.91 ERA as 21-year-old for 1969 Pirates.  Pitched over 1100 innings in bigs by age 25.  Out of baseball after age-28 season.

Rob Deer: Managed to get 4500+ PAs in his career despite hitting .220.  This was because nearly 27% of his hits left the yard (230 homers out of 853 total hits).  Finished 1st or 2nd in strikeouts in AL six different years.

Pete Elko: 3B with two cups of coffee with the Cubs during the war years.

Possum Whitted: Early version of “utility man”.  He played every position except catcher during his 11-year career from 1912-1922.

Rabbit Maranville: Hall-of-Fame SS primarily for Boston Braves.  He had a 23-year career, never leading in any meaningful offensive category (career OPS+ of 82).  His glove made him valuable year after year.

Shawn Hare: OF with multiple cups of coffee with multiple teams from 1991-1995.  His extra-base power in the minors never made the trip to the bigs.

Nellie Fox: Hall-of-Fame 2B primarily for the 1950’s White Sox squads.  1959 AL MVP when he hit .306 with 2.1 Defensive WAR.

Billy Otterson: Played shortstop on the American Association’s Brooklyn Grays in 1887.  Listed at 5’7″, 135 pounds.

Jim Panther: Ineffective reliever for three different teams from 1971-1973.  60 walks, 56 strikeouts, 156 hits allowed in 130 innings.

Michael Grouse: One brief but successful minor league stint in 1984.  Apparently went on to become a scouting supervisor for the Rangers.

Turkey Stearnes: Negro league power-hitter, elected to the Hall posthumously in 2000.  Led league in homers six times, and batted over .300 in 14 of his 19 seasons.

Dennis Dove: 3rd-round pick by Cardinals in 2003.  Made it to bigs, very briefly (yielding homers in two of his three appearances), in 2007.  Now out of baseball.

Joe “Ducky” Medwick: Hall-of-Fame LF, primarily for the Cardinal teams of the 1930s.  Posted a 180 OPS+ in his MVP season of 1937 (.374/.414/.641 with 31 HRs and 154 RBI).  Banged out 64 doubles in 1936.

Craig Swan: Went 14-13 on ’79 Mets (a team that went 63-99).

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  1. Bob Moose was out of baseball after his age-28 season because he was killed in an auto accident in October 1976, right after that season. 1976-1977 has got to have been one of the most tragic off-seasons in major league history. Four players and one manager who had appeared in the majors in 1976 died in that offseason. Three of the players died in vehicle accidents. Three of the deceased were named Danny. In addition to Bob Moose, the players were Danny Thompson (who had had leukemia for a few years but had been able to play in the majors until near the end), Danny Frisella (dune buggy accident), and Mike Miley (motorcycle accident). The manager was Danny Murtaugh of the Pirates, which was also Bob Moose’s team. I believe his death was of natural causes.

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