The VORG Improves Upon “Auld Lang Syne”

We’re coming up to another holiday, and just as before, my office building is STILL playing Christmas songs, and we’re STILL 99 days from Opening Day, so I’m still ready to slit my wrists.  So, since we had so much fun improving upon the “12 Days of Christmas”, we decided to take a whack at … Read moreThe VORG Improves Upon “Auld Lang Syne”

Santa Claus Never Made it to the Majors

On this joyous weekend, I hope you are with your friends and loved ones . . . to share the gifts that aren’t materialistic . . . and to ruminate on why Santa has never made it to the Majors (despite Topps putting out a set of cards with his many likenesses on it). The … Read moreSanta Claus Never Made it to the Majors

Real Life “Casey at the Bat” Endings

While it may not be a literary work of art, there may be no more famous piece of baseball literature than “Casey at the Bat“.   Penned by Ernest Thayer in 1888, it has been the subject of numerous stage performances, songs, plays and movies.  But I got to wondering about the actual circumstances that unveiled … Read moreReal Life “Casey at the Bat” Endings

5-Vowel Players: A Historical Look

Last time out we took a look at the players active in 2011 who had all five vowels in their names.  Now its time to expand our search, for all such names in baseball history. There have been three players with all five vowels solely in their first names.  All of them were named Aurelio: … Read more5-Vowel Players: A Historical Look

The 2011 “5-Vowel” Players

It all started innocently enough last Friday night.  Dan Wade of Rotographs tweeted: Hmm… Dustin Pedroia has all of the vowels in his name. I wonder how many other active major leaguers can claim that? #NotInThePlayIndex This was read by, amongst others, Amanda Rykoff of espnW.  Next thing you know, I’m reading this message in … Read moreThe 2011 “5-Vowel” Players

The VORG Improves Upon the “12 Days of Christmas”

Here in New York, there is a radio station that started playing nothing but Christmas tunes 24×7 . . . before Thanksgiving!  Worse yet, my office building pipes this station in the hallways.  Ergo, I’ve been subjected to way too much “Rudolph”, “Jingle Bells”, etc. already, and we’re still over three weeks away from the … Read moreThe VORG Improves Upon the “12 Days of Christmas”

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