Santa Claus Never Made it to the Majors

On this joyous weekend, I hope you are with your friends and loved ones . . . to share the gifts that aren’t materialistic . . . and to ruminate on why Santa has never made it to the Majors (despite Topps putting out a set of cards with his many likenesses on it).

The simple fact is that no one with the last name of “Santa” or “Claus” has ever played even one game on a Major League squad.  There have been many “Nicks”, but no “Saints” in the Majors.  No “Kringles” (or “Grinches” for that matter).  There HAS been a Jack Frost in the minors.

Interestingly, there HAVE been MANY Santas and Clauses in the Minors.  Let’s meet them:

Minor Leaguers
Player Years Last Franch
Alexander Santa 2001-2003 NYY
Edward Santa 1951-1957 CHW
Jeff Santa 1997
Johan Santa 2009-2010 TEX
John Santa
Luis Santa 2006-2007 PHI
Moises Santa 2005-2006 BOS
Roberto Santa 2003
Roberto Santa 1994-1995 TEX
Sergio Santa 1994 STL
Steve Santa 1966 NYM

And their associates, the Clauses:

Minor Leaguers
Player Years Last Franch
??? Claus 1911
Marc Claus 1992-1994 MIN
Todd Claus 1991-1993 LAA

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