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March Moniker Madness

The “Dance” that is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be starting in approximately six weeks, and 68 teams will be looking to be the one to cut down the net in the Louisiana Superdome when the final game has … Continue reading

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Shopping for a Name for your Roto Team?

Wednesday will be February 1st, and a couple of weeks after that, we’ll have pitchers and catchers reporting.  Its a time of anticipation and joy . . . Spring Training (even though, technically most of the training occurs during the … Continue reading

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A Weighty New Metric

So, Prince Fielder is now the “The Round Mound of Motown” (copyright pending).  Those debating the wisdom of his new contract are focused on his weight, and pointing out that heavier players don’t age as well as their skinnier counterparts.  … Continue reading

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Noun You Tell Me!

In the aftermath of the “Verb Players” post, reader Kurt Blumenau lamented to me: Shame Emil Verban and Joe Verbanic didn’t qualify. I then wondered if there were any players whose names were the same as the actual parts of … Continue reading

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“Verb” Players

While doing some research for the recent PIPA/SOPA brouhaha (and wouldn’t “PIPA SOPA Brouhaha” be a great band name?), I came across this player.  After the 12-year-old in me got finished giggling, I wondered how many other players had verbs … Continue reading

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Jamie Moyer to AARP: Go Away, I’m Busy Here!

When last we saw Jamie Moyer, he was a 47-year-old hurler going 9-9 with a 4.84 ERA for the Phillies in 2010.  Then his elbow gave out and instead of hanging them up, he underwent Tommy John surgery.  Now, he’s … Continue reading

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What SOPA funny about PIPA, Love and Understanding?

Today you’ll find many websites “dark” to protest pending legislation that may restrict what you can see on the Internet.  Though the legislation is supposedly targeting piracy and intellectual property, the wording in the two bills is quite vague, and … Continue reading

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