Let’s put the “HOF” back in the Hall of Fame!

My Twitter friend docworn (proprietor of the nifty Tigers blog “Walkoff Woodward“) was annoyed by some of the justifications BBWAA members were giving for including or excluding certain players from their Hall of Fame ballot.  He exclaimed:

Joshua Worn @docworn  I would like some1 to do a mock HOF ballot based on surnames with HOF in them. Would make as much sense as some of these writers.

Of course, such a request is right up my alley.  With the Lahman Baseball Database as my guide, I compiled a list of every major leaguer with a “hof” string somewhere in their last name (there have been 37).  Let’s see which of these guys are Hall-worthy, at least according to nebulous VORG standards.  We’ll list them in debut date order:

Name Debut Claim to Fame? “Hof”-worthy?
Bill Hoffer 4/26/1895 His nicknames were “Chick” and “Wizard”; Went combined 56-13 for 1894-5 Baltimore Orioles YES
William Hoffman 5/10/1879 No record in B-R.com; no final game date available . . . Is he baseball’s version of Futurama’s Professor Farnsworth? NO
Jesse Hoffmeister 7/24/1897 48 game career with 1897 Pirates NO
Frank Hoffman 8/13/1888 Nicknamed “The Texas Wonder”, went 3-9 despite a 2.77 ERA for the 1888 Kansas City Cowboys of the American Assoc. NO
Willie Sudhoff 8/20/1897 Won 21 games in 1903.  Lost 20 games in 1905. NO
Jack Sutthoff 9/15/1898 His father was a railroad-crossing guard at the Procter & Gamble plant in Cincinnati; relatives say that he won the position after, as a bystander, he pulled Mrs. Gamble, a member of the firm’s founding family, from the path of an oncoming locomotive. YES
John Hofford 9/26/1885 Born in 1863, he was most likely one of the tallest players (6’0″) in baseball in the mid 1880s NO
Larry Hoffman 7/4/1901 23 at-bats in the majors, and 8 years in the minors (hitting .187 ! during those 8 years) NO
Danny Hoffman 4/20/1903 As a batter, led the AL in strikeouts AND stolen bases in 1905 YES
Solly Hofman 7/28/1903 Perhaps he is most famous as the outfielder who fielded Al Bridwell’s single and called Evers’ attention to the fact that Fred Merkle had not touched second base. Merkle’s baserunning blunder and the disputed game forced a one-game playoff with John McGraw YES
Izzy Hoffman 4/14/1904 At age 36 in 1911, played 188 games (not a typo) for the PCL’s Oakland Oaks YES
Chet Hoff 9/6/1911 He died in 1998, at age 107, meaning he likely saw everyone from Ty Cobb to Ken Griffey, Jr. play. YES
Bert Niehoff 10/4/1913 Led NL in doubles (42) and errors as 2B (49) in 1916 NO
Tex Hoffman 7/11/1915 15 plate appearances in the Majors, 20 SEASONS in the Minors, retiring at age 41 in 1935 NO
Fred Hofmann 9/26/1919 Against Detroit, as Ty Cobb stepped into the batter’s box, Hofmann sneered, “So this is the great ‘Georgia Peach’?” Cobb replied, “Busher, I’m going to get on base, and when I do, I’m coming around.” Cobb singled, stole second, and then leveled Hofmann with spikes high as he scored on a grounder to deep short, even though the throw had him beaten by a large margin. NO
John Bischoff 4/18/1925 One of only 30 men to play for both the Red Sox and White Sox, and ONLY those two teams. NO
Dutch Hoffman 4/23/1929 A career .315 hitter in the Minors, but only made it to Majors for the 1929 season, hitting .258 in 107 games. NO
Milt Shoffner 7/20/1929 1929-1931: 7.03 ERA, didn’t make Majors again till ’37, but from ’37 to ’40: 3.56 ERA NO
Bill Hoffman 8/13/1939 No listed Minor League experience prior to MLB debut at age 21 in 1939.  6 innings, 7 walks later . . . NO
Ray Hoffman 8/30/1942 Apparently got a shot with stars going off to WWII, as his .259 Minors batting avg. and atrocious fielding still merited a callup in 1942. NO
Stew Hofferth 4/19/1944 2800 at-bats in the Minors before finally getting the call as 31 y.o. backup catcher. NO
Strick Shofner 4/19/1947 7 games in the Majors, then traded with another player for Neill Sheridan, a guy described by B-R.com as “Pinch-Hitter and Pinch-Runner” NO
Bobby Hofman 4/19/1949 Giants utility infielder over 7 seasons.  Career .764 OPS (99 OPS+). NO
Dick Schofield 7/3/1953 Ultimate glove man during ’50s and ’60s.  73 OPS+, traded 6 times, but played for 19 seasons.  Grandfather of Jayson Werth. YES
John Hoffman 7/30/1964 “Pork Chop” was a career .215 hitter in the Minors.  Got 2 cups of coffee with the Colt 45s/Astros. NO
Bruce Von Hoff 9/28/1965 Went to Northern Illinois U. and was teammate of Fritz Petersen.  No details on whether Von Hoff ever swapped his wife. NO
Guy Hoffman 7/4/1979 Hoffman is the last “Guy” to appear in the Majors.  There hasn’t been one to make it to the show since 1988. YES
Glenn Hoffman 4/12/1980 Member of BoSox for most of his career.  Career 5 out of 21 in SB attempts.  Older brother of Trevor Hoffman. NO
Scott Munninghoff 4/13/1980 As pitcher, tripled in his only MLB plate appearance.  Interestingly, 3 players have tripled in their only career PA.  All of them were pitchers. YES
Dick Schofield 9/8/1983 Led his league in SS fielding percentage 4 times.  Had career 73 OPS+, just like his dad.  Had .599 OPS last 6 years of his career.  Managed to stick around for 14 seasons.  Uncle of Jayson Werth. YES
Rick Surhoff 9/8/1985 Brother of B.J. Surhoff.  Traded straight-up for Dave Stewart (albeit after Stewart started 0-6 for Texas in 1985). NO
B.J. Surhoff 4/8/1987 Taken #1 overall in 1985 draft by Brewers, followed by Will Clark, Bobby Witt, Barry Larkin, some fellow named Kurt Brown and THEN Barry Bonds. YES
Trevor Hoffman 4/6/1993 Between 1994 and 2009, he pitched to a 1.015 WHIP over 952 innings. YES
Radhames Dykhoff 6/7/1998 First “Radhames” to make it to the Majors.  Cousin of Sidney Ponson. YES
Micah Hoffpauir 5/18/2008 What is the next number in this series: 136, 84, 28 … well, there isn’t any, because those were his OPS+ numbers in 2008, 2009 and 2010 for the Cubs. NO
Jamie Hoffmann 5/22/2009 First MLB hit was a 3-run homer. NO
Jarrett Hoffpauir 7/3/2009 Last grad of Southern Mississippi to make the majors. NO

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  1. Yes, put my great great grand uncle, Danny Hoffman in the Hall! Question, has anyone else ever lead the league in both strikeouts and stolen bases in the same season?

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