Ten Years, No HOF Votes . . . Where is the love?

Now that the dust has settled on this year’s Hall of Fame balloting, I thought it would be cool to take a historical look at those players who were on the standard BBWAA ballot at least once, and didn’t receive even one vote.  It turns out there have been exactly 200 of them.  Here are the respective “career category leaders” within the group of 200:

Years played: 21 – Frank Tanana, Danny Darwin, Ron Fairly

Games: 2,442 – Ron Fairly

At-bats: 8,044 – Ruben Sierra

Runs: 1,125 – Devon White

Hits: 2,192 – Cecil Cooper

Homers: 355 – Greg Vaughn

RBI: 1,322 – Ruben Sierra

Stolen Bases: 620 – Otis Nixon

Walks: 1,263 – Ken Singleton

Batting Average: .299 – Bake McBride

On-base Percentage: .388 – Ken Singleton

Slugging Percentage: .499 – Bob Horner

OPS: .840 – Ray Lankford

OPS+: 132 – Ken Singleton

Wins: 240 – Frank Tanana

ERA (starter): 3.07 – Bob Veale

ERA+ (starter): 117 – Gary Nolan

H/9 (starter): 7.03 – Sam McDowell

H/9 (reliever): 6.99 – Mitch Williams

K/9 (starter): 8.86 – Sam McDowell

K/9 (reliever): 8.74 – Dan Plesac

WHIP (starter): 1.145 – Gary Nolan

WHIP (reliever): 1.193 – Eddie Fisher

Appearances: 1,064 – Dan Plesac

Games Started: 616 – Frank Tanana

Saves: 256 – Todd Worrell

Innings pitched: 4,188.1 – Frank Tanana

Strikeouts: 2,773 – Frank Tanana

WAR (position players): 59.8 – Jim Wynn

WAR (pitchers): 55 Frank Tanana

A possible 25-man roster from this group of 200, based on highest WARs for each position.  I’d put these guys up against some All-Star teams, wouldn’t you?:



7 thoughts on “Ten Years, No HOF Votes . . . Where is the love?

  1. Great list, I’m kind of shocked that a few of these guys didn’t get 1 stinkin vote. the guy who really sticks out is Cecil Cooper. His name pops up a few times as a leader and I always thought he was a pretty popular guy. I mean if Bill Mueller got 4 votes, Cecil can’t get just one? hmm.

  2. Biggest shocker in my opinion Devon White 7 time gold glover has three championship rings 1992 blue jays 1993 blue jays and 1997 marlins hit hitting stats are not impressive but they are solid 208 hrs 349 stolen bases his .avg is probably what is keeping him out .263

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