Good “Chemistry” in this Clubhouse

When I was in my late teens, I liked Kent Hrbek.  He was a boy playing for his hometown team.  He hit homeruns.  He did interesting things on the field.  He was a good player for a horrendously bad team (at least they were when he joined them in the early 80s).  I liked that the “Hr” of his last name was what he did well in real life.  I also liked him for his lack of vowels.  I thought that “Hr” should have been a symbol on the Periodic Table.  Name it “Hrbekium”.

Anyhow, as you must know by now, I’m a fan of quirky names, and “Hrbek” inspired me to try and find players whose names could be formed in totality through the Periodic Table symbols.  So here are 20 active players in 2011 who best fit that criteria:

Pat Neshek PAtNeSHeK
Pat Misch PaTmIScH
Fernando Salas FErNaNdOSAlAs
Ben Francisco BeNFRaNCIScO
Brad Bergesen BRaDbErGeSeN
Corey Kluber CoReYKLuBEr
Val Pascucci VAlPaScUC2I
Cesar Ramos CeSArRaMoS
Corey Brown CoReYBrOWN
Bruce Chen BRuCeCHeN
Sergio Escalona SeRgIOEsCAlONa
Brennan Boesch BReNNaNBOEsCH
Brandon Hicks BRaNdONHICKS
Brandon Inge BRaNdONInGe
Nick Swisher NiCKSWISHEr
Eric Hosmer ErICHoSmEr
Brandon Beachy BRaNdONBeAcHY
Blaine Boyer BLaINeBOYEr
Brandon Moss BRaNdONMoS2
Aubrey Huff AuBReYHUF2

I will at this point offer a VORG variation of the standard “Mythbusters” warning:  Do not mix any of the chemical “compounds” you see here.

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