Jamie Moyer to AARP: Go Away, I’m Busy Here!

When last we saw Jamie Moyer, he was a 47-year-old hurler going 9-9 with a 4.84 ERA for the Phillies in 2010.  Then his elbow gave out and instead of hanging them up, he underwent Tommy John surgery.  Now, he’s gotten a Minor League deal and an invite to Spring Training from the Colorado Rockies.

How old is Jamie Moyer?  Well when he made his Major League debut on June 16, 1986:

(Addendum: Reader Josh Nelson points out that it was two years prior to the first night game at Wrigley Field.)

Other fun Moyer facts:

  • He’s faced 1,412 different batters in his career.
  • Those 1,412 batters have had 17,270 plate appearances.  (1,409 more than career leader Pete Rose amassed.)
  • He’s yielded homers to 326 different players.

I for one hope he makes the Rockies squad coming out of Spring Training . . . and I also hope he gets to face Bryce Harper, who is just about 30 years younger than Moyer, in September 2012.

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