What SOPA funny about PIPA, Love and Understanding?

Today you’ll find many websites “dark” to protest pending legislation that may restrict what you can see on the Internet.  Though the legislation is supposedly targeting piracy and intellectual property, the wording in the two bills is quite vague, and leaves many sites vulnerable to subjective censorship.

Now, for example, I’m all for shielding inappropriate content from minors, but it should be MY decision as to what I deem inappropriate, not the government’s.

If I want to write an article about this fellow, I shouldn’t have to worry about some nebulous entity trying to shut down my site because one of the words has a naughty connotation.

Similarly, I don’t want be concerned if it just so happens I did some research on players with a very particular career OPS+.

And if I waxed poetically over the actions of this woman at various baseball games, I wouldn’t want to be tapped on the virtual shoulder.

Baseball … and its facts, figures, names and places are good.  Government regulation of what I say about it is bad.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Yu Darvish watch, already in progress.



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