Noun You Tell Me!

In the aftermath of the “Verb Players” post, reader Kurt Blumenau lamented to me:

Shame Emil Verban and Joe Verbanic didn’t qualify.

I then wondered if there were any players whose names were the same as the actual parts of speech.  Lo and behold, I came upon this fellow who played five years in the Minors:

Perry Noun, Jr.

Noun was born in 1939 and is a lifelong resident of Rochester, NY.  He went to Ithaca College, where he majored in Health and Education and played baseball and football.  He was signed by the Cubs, and spent 1959-1963 shuttling between second, third and the outfield, in towns like St. Cloud, Burlington and San Antonio.  He never made it past Double-A, hitting .185 in 63 plate appearances in 1962.

After the ’63 season, Ithaca invited him to become the dean of a new campus at the college.  A little later on, he started his own real estate management company, and during that time took up golf.  He became so good at the link that he has since won numerous amateur Senior tournaments.  He even has his own weekly golf radio broadcast on a Syracuse ESPN affiliate, charmingly titled “Tee Time with the Pronoun.”

Let’s hear it for Mr. Noun!

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2 thoughts on “Noun You Tell Me!

  1. Perry Noun Jr. is a story you should follow up. His radio golf program is great!

    A radio fan.

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