This Year we will have World Series CVIII (corrected)

Unless you’ve been in a hyperbaric chamber, state of suspended animation or a cave the last two weeks, you know that tomorrow will be Super Bowl 46.  But the NFL, in what I can only hope was a nod to the “Roman gladiator”-style entertainment of the sport, identifies each year’s final game by a Roman numeral, so we get “Super Bowl XLVI“.

In case you’ve forgotten your “modern” Roman numerals, they are as follows:

Symbol Value
I 1
V 5
X 10
L 50
C 100
D 500
M 1,000

Naturally, the VORG finds anything done with letters fun and interesting, so we decided to look for baseball player names you could form solely from the modern version of Roman numerals.

We briefly published this list, having not found any surnames that fit the criteria.  Then reader Kurt Blumenau pointed out that we missed at least one person in the “all letters in last name except for one” bucket.  We checked our spreadsheet, spotted the error, and reworked the names.  Lo and behold.  We DID find two!:
Allen McDill
Alex Liddi

The first name list, though still heavily “Vic”ed, adds a few more completists:
Vic Willis
Vic Davalillo
Vic Lombardi
Vic Aldridge
Vic Correll
Vic Raschi
Vic Saier
Vic Keen
Vic Sorrell
Vic Albury
Vic Harris
Vic LaRose
Vic Power
Vic Wertz
Vic Janowicz
Vic Bradford
Vic Frazier
Lil Stoner
Vic Rodriguez
C.V. Matteson
CC Sabathia
Vic Johnson
Vic Roznovsky
Vic Barnhart
Vic Darensbourg

So NOW … enjoy the game, and know that for at least two teams, pitchers and catchers can report in a mere eight days.

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