March Moniker Madness – FINAL FOUR

After developing an initial field of 512 names and going through weeks of preliminary rounds to get down to a more standard bracket of 64, and four more rounds after THAT, we’re finally finalizing our Final Four (with infinite finality!).

*PDF of 64-name bracket to date*

Let’s introduce the four participants:

Rusty Kuntz
Region: Sound Dirty
Seed: 4
How he got here:  Defeated Skip Pitlock 35-4 in round of 512, Stubby Clapp 51-22 in round of 256, Chick Lathers 21-4 in round of 128, Charlie Furbush 41-10 in round of 64, Boob Fowler 27-4 in round of 32, Johnny Dickshot 28-24 in regional semifinals and Cannonball Titcomb 33-9 in regional finals.
Ephemera: 1) One of only two players from California State University – Stanislaus to make the majors (Steve Andrade being the other).  2) Taken nine picks before Chili Davis in 11th round of 1977 draft.  3) Higher career OBP than SLG (.328 to .322).

Pickles Dillhoefer
Region: Fun to Say
Seed: 1
How he got here:  Defeated Pretzels Getzien 57-17 in round of 512, Cookie Rojas 82-41 in round of 256, Joaquin Andujar 22-1 in round of 128, Buddy Biancalana 38-12 in round of 64, Grover Lowdermilk 25-4 in round of 32, Count Sensenderfer 26-21 in regional semifinals and Tim Spooneybarger 30-12 in regional finals.
Ephemera: 1) Born William Martin Dillhoefer. 2) Included in a 1917 trade (along with Mike Prendergast and $55,000 for Bill Kellefer and one Pete [Grover Cleveland] Alexander).  3) Died in 1922 at age 28 from typhoid.

Marc Rzepczynski
Region: Spelling Bee
Seed: 7
How he got here:  Defeated Mark Grudzielanek 19-4 in round of 512, Hank Izquierdo 25-2 in round of 256, Arquimedez Pozo 13-4 in round of 128, Ed Eiteljorge 41-7 in round of 64, Jeff Samardzija 23-6 in round of 32, Jarrod Saltalamacchia 33-15 in regional semifinals and Ossee Schrecongost 25-17 in regional finals.
Ephemera: 1) Nicknamed “Scrabble”. 2) In appearances against the Angels, has held batters to a .285 OPS (not BA, not OBP, not SLG … OPS!) in 54 plate appearances.  3) Despite only appearing as starting pitcher in 2009 and 2010 before moving to pen in ’11, has had similar innings pitched each year (61.1, 63.2 and 62.0).

Astyanax Douglass
Region: What were Mom and Dad Thinking?
Seed: 2
How he got here:  Defeated Atahualpa Severino 24-5 in round of 512, Franquelis Osoria 36-6 in round of 256, Atlee Hammaker 15-1 in round of 128, Claral Gillenwater 42-6 in round of 64, Boof Bonser 19-11 in round of 32, Milton Bradley 32-16 in regional semifinals and Drungo Hazewood 28-14 in regional finals.
Ephemera: 1) Named after the Greek myth (the son of Hector, the city of Troy’s great defender). 2)  Extremely likely to be related to THIS Astyanax Douglass.

Here are the Madness semifinals.  Once again, please ignore the numbers and letters to the left of the names.  Voting will be open until early Sunday morning.

  • FTS-94 Pickles Dillhoefer (51%, 24 Votes)
  • SD-113 Rusty Kuntz (49%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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  • MD-9 Astyanax Douglass (68%, 32 Votes)
  • SB-89 Marc Rzepczynski (32%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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3 thoughts on “March Moniker Madness – FINAL FOUR

  1. Now I’m wondering how many sedative brand names get written down in birth certificates as baby names. Partner of Mother: “Well, she was yelling ‘Perc’O’Dan’ when in labour so I thought maybe she was torn between Percival or Daniel…”

    • I’m not sure this is an urban legend or not, but supposedly a woman stated that she would name her child after the first thing she heard as the baby was born, and thus the kid was named “Placenta”.

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