YOU get one hit … and YOU get one hit … and YOU get one hit

Friends of the VORG often pass along interesting factoids for me to pursue.  Such is the case with the strange event encountered by my friend Dan Wachtell (Met fan, Scrabble player and all-around good guy). Wednesday afternoon, Dan e-mailed me: so, check out this box score today. has any team done this before – … Read more

Rolling Two Straight Sevens

While the Yankees’ comeback from a 9-0 deficit to win 15-9 yesterday was impressive, what tickled the VORG’s fancy was that the Bombers scored exactly seven runs in two consecutive innings.  It got me wondering what the record might be for the highest number of the same runs scored in two consecutive innings. It turns … Read more

Batters With Only One Type of Hit in a Season

Earlier today, Jacob Petersen, the owner of the excellent JunkStats site, tweeted the following: Jacob Peterson ‏ @junkstats Carlos Beltran has 5 homers and no other extra-base hits. That sent the VORG world spinning.  Which player has the most extra-base hits of a certain type in a season with no other extra-base hits? To the … Read more

One and Done

When I wrote about Jack Spring a few weeks ago, reader Kurt Blumenau tweeted the following to me: @dianagram I noticed Mr. Spring’s 1963 season — 45 G, 38 IP. Was he LOOGY before LOOGY was cool? I was intrigued by this possibility, and searched the web for any existing analyses of this.  It turns … Read more

Tax Day 2012

Last year we did a special post for Tax Day, featuring the (primarily) former players who had memorable career category totals of 1,040 (or closest to 1,040).  Let’s revisit it, restricting it now to only inactive/former players, see if there have been any changes, correct some inaccuracies and find some new categories. First up, the batters … Read more

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