Rolling Two Straight EIGHTS!

Five weeks ago, the Yankees scored seven runs in both the seventh and eighth innings of their comeback win over the Red Sox.  The VORG pounced on the curiosity, and discovered that the Yanks nearly set a major league record, as explained here: But seven isn’t quite the record . . . we’ve had an … Read moreRolling Two Straight EIGHTS!

Spell “Yastrzemski”

In honor of the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, currently taking place in Washington, D.C., I give you a post about a sports spelling bee, from a now defunct and very short-lived blog of mine . . .  enjoy! In the beginning, there was . . . Tim Biakabutuka? I’ve always been a bit of an … Read moreSpell “Yastrzemski”

Canonical Record of Batting Lines – 1918-2011 (Part 3 – The Two ABs)

We’re up to the “two at-bats” listing in the journey through every starter’s AB-R-H-RBI batting line from 1918-2011. We should just call this group the “Barry Bonds,” as he claims sole possession of five unique batting lines. 1918-2011 STARTERS’ GAME LINES – Two ABs AB R H RBI COUNT LEADER(S) TIMES 2 0 0 0 … Read moreCanonical Record of Batting Lines – 1918-2011 (Part 3 – The Two ABs)

VORG Trivia: Initial Impressions – Answers

OK . . . its time to answer those trivia questions from yesterday! In one of the more memorable three-for –one trades of the past two decades, he was dealt by the Minnesota Twins to the San Francisco Giants for Boof Bonser, Francisco Liriano and Joe Nathan.  A.J. Pierzynski This two-sport star was originally a … Read moreVORG Trivia: Initial Impressions – Answers

VORG Trivia: Initial Impressions

Its time for a new feature here at the VORG.  A tough trivia quiz. The title of this quiz is:  Initial Impressions.  Every answer is the name of a person whose first name is/was initials, like R.A. Dickey, CC Sabathia, etc.  Answers will be revealed tomorrow. In one of the more memorable three-for–one trades of … Read moreVORG Trivia: Initial Impressions

Are you quarter-poling? There’s no “quarter-poling” in Baseball in May!

Now that every team has played approximately 40 games, we are being deluged with “first quarter of the season” reviews.  Many columns are using the phrase “quarter pole” to denote this period of time, to wit: New York Mets At The Quarter-Pole: Doing Things The Wright Way At the quarter pole in MLB, crazy things are … Read moreAre you quarter-poling? There’s no “quarter-poling” in Baseball in May!

Book Review/Author Interview: “Root for the Home Team”

  As you undoubtedly know, I love quirky names.  But my love of them isn’t just limited to players . . . I love team names too.  Names that are evocative of the team’s hometown, or just make you scratch your head.   Well, current voice of the Triple-A Tucson Padres Tim Hagerty loves team … Read moreBook Review/Author Interview: “Root for the Home Team”

Salty, the Middle and Me

Yours truly spotted a quirky occurrence regarding names and lengths of words during last night’s RedSox-Phillies game.  I alerted my ESPN-aligned Twitter followers/friends to it, and a few hours later, this happened on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight”. Thank you @SBerthiaumeESPN for the shout-out. [My thanks to @bubbaprog for the video]

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