No Relief for Breaking Brad

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we examined the record-setting “one-batter” relievers.  Apparently Astros’ manager Brad Mills reads the VORG, as he decided to go and set a one-game record for one-batter relievers last night during Houston’s 4-3 win over the Mets.  Mills used five relievers for just one batter apiece, breaking the record of four (done 19 times, most recently by Colorado vs. Arizona on 9/07/11):

Most One-Batter Relief Appearances by One Team in a Single Game

Tm Opp Date #Matching
HOU NYM 2012-04-30 5
TEX BOS 1993-09-01 4
STL CHC 1981-04-29 (1) 4
STL PIT 1967-09-10 4
STL PIT 1994-05-17 4
SFG TEX 1997-06-13 4
SFG LAD 2004-10-02 4
SFG CHC 2005-07-25 4
PIT STL 1963-06-14 4
OAK BAL 1994-07-07 4
MON NYM 1977-09-06 4
MIN TBR 2010-07-01 4
LAD CIN 1991-09-16 4
KCR OAK 1976-09-27 4
DET BOS 1995-09-27 4
COL ARI 2011-09-07 4
CHW KCR 2007-08-21 4
CHC COL 1995-09-06 4
CHC NYM 1975-09-23 4
ATL HOU 2006-09-30 4
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Here is how the dance of the one-batter relievers took place in Houston:




Play Description

Top of the 7th, Mets Batting, Behind 0-3, Astros’ Bud Norris facing 4-5-6


D. Wright B. Norris Single to CF (Line Drive to LF-CF)


I. Davis B. Norris Single to RF (Line Drive to Short CF-RF); Wright to 2B


M. Baxter B. Norris Flyball: RF (Deep RF); Wright to 3B; Davis to 2B


A. Torres B. Norris Single to 1B (Ground Ball); Wright Scores; Davis to 3B


J. Thole B. Norris Groundout: P unassisted (Front of Home); Torres to 2B
Lucas Duda pinch hits for R.A. Dickey (P) batting 9th


L. Duda B. Norris Walk


K. Nieuwenhuis B. Norris Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B);Davis Scores; Torres Scores; Duda to 3B; Nieuwenhuis to 2B/Adv on throw
Wilton Lopez replaces Bud Norris pitching and batting 9th


R. Tejada W. Lopez Lineout: 3B (Weak 3B)
3 runs, 4 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.Mets 3, Astros 3.
Top of the 8th, Mets Batting, Tied 3-3, Astros’ Wesley Wright facing 3-4-5
Wesley Wright replaces Justin Maxwell (PH) pitching and batting 9th


D. Murphy W. Wright Lineout: LF (Deep LF)
Brandon Lyon replaces Wesley Wright pitching and batting 9th


D. Wright B. Lyon Strikeout Looking
Fernando Abad replaces Brandon Lyon pitching and batting 9th


I. Davis F. Abad Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B)
Fernando Rodriguez replaces Fernando Abad pitching and batting 9thScott Hairston pinch hits for Mike Baxter (RF) batting 6th


S. Hairston F. Rodriguez Flyball: LF (Deep LF Line)
0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB. Mets 3, Astros 3.
Top of the 9th, Mets Batting, Behind 3-4, Astros’ Brett Myers facing 7-8-9
Brett Myers replaces Fernando Rodriguez pitching and batting 9th

Not only did Mills set a record for “one-batter” relievers, four of those relievers threw two or fewer pitches during their appearance.  That sets a new mark for “short order cooks on a mound”.

Most relievers throwing two or fewer pitches in single game – One Team

Tm Opp Date #Matching
HOU NYM 2012-04-30 4
CHW KCR 2007-08-21 3
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As Zachary Levine of the Houston Chronicle pointed out to me, Mets’ manager Terry Collins got into the act too, adding two of his own “one-batter” relievers.  So the two managers set a combined single-game record:

Most one-batter relievers used, both teams, single game

Tm Opp Date #Matching
NYM HOU 2012-04-30 7
BOS TEX 1993-09-01 6
COL ARI 2011-09-07 5
TBR STL 2011-07-02 5
FLA ATL 2011-06-08 5
FLA TBR 2011-05-21 5
TBR MIN 2010-07-01 5
BAL MIN 2006-09-24 5
SFG LAD 2004-10-02 5
TEX TOR 2001-04-25 5
LAD CIN 1991-09-16 5
STL CHC 1981-04-29 (1) 5
CHC STL 1970-05-16 5
ATL STL 1967-07-22 5
PIT STL 1963-06-14 5
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Collins also added his own “two or fewer pitches” reliever appearance,  so THAT sets a new mark also:

Most relievers throwing two or fewer pitches in game – Both Teams

Tm Opp Date #Matching
HOU NYM 2012-04-30 5
CHC FLA 2007-09-26 3
CHW KCR 2007-08-21 3
KCR CHW 2007-04-23 3
SFG CHC 2003-07-30 3
TOR CHW 2003-07-23 3
CHC LAD 2001-08-05 3
CHW OAK 1998-05-09 3
SFG HOU 1998-04-08 3
SEA CLE 1997-07-23 3
SEA DET 1990-09-25 3
SDP SFG 1979-09-29 3
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(Thanks to Dan Wachtell for the heads-up on this last night)

2 thoughts on “No Relief for Breaking Brad

  1. Ah, yes, but what you neglected to mention was that in the White Sox-Royals game that had previously held the record for most pitchers throwing 2 or fewer pitches in one game, the three pitchers were consecutive (it’s clear that this wasn’t the case in the Astros-Mets game as the third of the five pitchers struck out his batter, which necessitates at least 3 pitches), and furthermore, all three had one pitch thrown. That creates this incredible pitch sequence.

    Kansas City – Top of 8th
    Ehren Wassermann pitching for Chicago
    E Wassermann relieved B Logan.
    Billy Butler Ball, Strike (foul), Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, B Butler flied out to left, M Myers relieved E Wassermann
    Ross Gload R Gload singled to center, R Bukvich relieved M Myers
    Emil Brown E Brown singled to center, R Gload to second, M Thornton relieved R Bukvich
    Alex Gordon A Gordon grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, E Brown out at second
    Kansas City – Top of 9th
    Bobby Jenks pitching for Chicago
    B Jenks relieved M Thornton.
    John Buck E German hit for J Buck, Strike (looking), Strike (foul), Strike (swinging), E German struck out swinging, J Smith hit for T Pena

    Yeah, the formatting looks horrible; it’s copy-pasted from because baseball-reference doesn’t give pitch-by-pitch, but if you’re keeping track, from the pitch that Butler hit for a flyout to left to the one German took for a called strike one, five consecutive White Sox pitches were thrown by five different pitchers. (Looking at the total box score, these five pitches were the 117th through 121st that the Royals saw in this game.)

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