Let’s Take a Pole










Another baseball semantics issue to settle.

The batter hits a long flyball that hits the pole delineating fair and foul territory.   Since the pole is considered to be in fair territory, the batter is declared to have hit a homerun.  Yet, most people call this pole the “foul pole.”

What should this pole be called?

The pole at the end of the left field and right field line SHOULD be called the . . .

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Pole

  1. Technically, since it’s in fair territory, it should be called the “fair pole”, but you’d have to overturn decades of entrenched nomenclature, so it’s easier to stick with “foul pole.” You can back into the explanation by saying it delineates fair and foul territory, which is a bit tortured, but still I find it better to stay on history’s side.

  2. Here’s a solution, if the term “foul pole” is insisted upon. Move the pole so its inner edge is on the foul line (rather than the outer edge it is now.)

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