Salty, the Middle and Me

Yours truly spotted a quirky occurrence regarding names and lengths of
words during last night’s RedSox-Phillies game.  I alerted my
ESPN-aligned Twitter followers/friends to it, and a few hours later,
this happened on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight”.

Thank you @SBerthiaumeESPN for the shout-out.

[My thanks to @bubbaprog for the video]

7 thoughts on “Salty, the Middle and Me

  1. What’s the most combined letters on a 25-man roster in Major League history, I wonder? The Red Sox are making a serious run, having recently added an 11-letter name (Lillibridge) to a roster that already contained a 14-letter name (Saltalamacchia), a 12-letter name (Middlebrooks), and numerous 8- and 9-letter names (Matsuzaka and Mortensen 9; Gonzalez, Atchison, Doubront, Melancon, Shoppach, McDonald 8). Their roster should get even longer with the impending return of Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury, both of whom have 8 letters and at least one of which would likely be replacing someone with a shorter name (McDonald, at 8 letters as well, has the longest name among the Sox’ outfielders, not including the utility player Lillibridge).

    I wonder…

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