Are you quarter-poling? There’s no “quarter-poling” in Baseball in May!

Now that every team has played approximately 40 games, we are being deluged with “first quarter of the season” reviews.  Many columns are using the phrase “quarter pole” to denote this period of time, to wit:

Now, I’ve spent some time at the racetrack in my life.  This is a “quarter pole”

It is a marker used to denote a distance two furlongs (one quarter mile) from the FINISH LINE.

The horses in this photo are in the homestretch.  The next time you watch a horse race, look for this pole when you hear the announcer say “and down the stretch they come!”

Attention writers: If you want to use the term “quarter pole” in relation to the 2012 baseball season, please wait until the last week of August.  Thank you.

[Its good to know I’m apparently not the only blogger with this concern.]

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