All-Initial Matchup Sunday Night

Sunday night’s matchup between the Mets and Yankees looks to be a good one, as both teams are playing well overall and CC Sabathia opposes the remarkable R.A. Dickey. Of course, the VORG finds the “initials as first names” of the pitchers intriguing.  Here are the men with initials for their first names that have … Read more

Decisions Decisions Decisions

A bunch of us were debating the “most valuable Expo of all time” on Twitter in response to this tweet jonahkeri ‏@jonahkeri Interesting debate if Vlad’s done. Who’s the best Expo of all-time, as in contributions only with Expos. Raines? Dawson? Carter? Vlad? I mentioned Steve Rogers, winning pitcher in franchise history.  In going over … Read more

(Almost) Historic Batting Line Occurs in Last Night’s Rays/Marlins Game

I got home last night to find an alert from my friend Dan, regarding a very rare 0-4-0-0 batting line by Carlos Pena.  I skimmed the box score, and (perhaps in a bit of wishcasting) read Pena’s line as 0-4-0-0.  I posted about it, as Pena would be only the fourth member of the 0-4-0-0 … Read more

The VORG knows the REAL “Big Baseball Scandal”

On the heels of the “viralization” of Bryce Harper’s “that’s a clown question, bro” response to a reporter’s inquiry, the Twitterverse exploded with news of an impending “Big Baseball Scandal.”  #BigBaseballScandal started trending and all sorts of folks chimed in with their humorous guesses as to what the scandal might be. Here are some the … Read more

They Say It’s My Birthday

So tomorrow is my birthday, and like any good baseball fan, I want to know which players share my wondrous day.  Not surprisingly, Baseball Reference “has an app for that.”  With it, you can find out the Major Leaguers born on that day, or any other day of your choosing. Let’s highlight the big names … Read more

Fun with the names in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft

I’ll leave the hard-core analysis of the recently-completed draft to the professionals. Let’s stick to the minutia of the names, shall we? There were 1,238 players drafted. Most popular last names: Smith (13), Johnson (12), Jones (9). Most popular first names: Michael (29), Tyler (23), Ryan (23). Longest last name: (Alfredo) Escalera-Maldonado (17 letters plus … Read more

Pi Young Award Leaders now on Sidebar

To help you keep track of which pitchers are currently maintaining a 3.14 ERA in the race for the VORG’s annual “Pi Young Award“, we now have a “Pi Young Award Leaders” widget on the sidebar.  It lists those pitchers (if any) with exactly a 3.14 ERA, in innings pitched order, along with their league … Read more

The VORG’s Scrabble Analysis of the Draft

So we’ve had the first round of the “2012 First-Year Player Draft“.  Let’s do some analysis of the players selected, based on Scrabble attributes.  The (  ) next to the first and last names are the respective Scrabble scores based on a standard English language set, and a “*” next to the score means the … Read more

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