Hey Now … You’re an All-Star … Then You’re Out of Baseball

Last time out we found the batters with the most games played without an All-Star Game appearance.  Let’s flip that on its head by now presenting the batters with the fewest career games played with at least one appearance in an All-Star game.

We’ll be limiting this to retired players debuting on or after 1933 (year of first ASG).  Once again, the number of games played is regardless of position, but at least 50% of the games must have been at the position listed.

C: 190 Don Leppert (ASG: 1963)

1B: 271 Ken Harvey (2004)

2B: 457 Junior Spivey (2002)

SS: 123 Frankie Zak (1944)

3B: 218 Eddie Kazak (1949)

LF: 590 Morrie Arnovich (1939)

CF: 551 Goody Rosen(1945)

RF: 462 Richie Scheinblum (1972)


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  1. David Jordand says:

    Of course, Goody Rosen did not play in an All-Star game, because the All-Star game was not played in 1945.

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