Breaking BABIP

This week, baseball fans had to go through four days with no real games.  Well, that drought pales in comparison to the nine months between the end of season four of the hit cable TV series Breaking Bad and its fifth season premiere tomorrow night.

To tide fans over and to whet your appetite for the new season of the series, the VORG is proud to present you with the cast of “Breaking BABIP”.  These are the real-life minor and major leaguers whose names most closely resemble those of the “Breaking Bad” characters.

Breaking Bad Breaking BABIP
Adam Pinkman Andrew Pinckney
Brandon “Badger” Mayhew Brandon Mayfield
Brock Cantillo Julio Cantillo
Chow Waylen Sing Chow
Christian “Combo” Ortega Christian Ortiz
Clovis Clovis Bridwell
Don Eladio Don Elton
Donald Margolis David Margolius
Dr. Belknap Howard Belknap
Dr. Delcavoli Oscar DelCalvo
Farley Bob Farley
Gaff Brent Gaff
Gale Boetticher Mike Boettcher
George Merkert Kent Mercker
Gonzo Luis Gonzalez
Gus Fring Gus Frietag
Hank Schrader Clay Schrader
Hector Salamanca Hector Salazar
Huell Robert Huellemeier
Hugo Archilleya Frank Archuleta
Jake Pinkman James Pinkerton
James Kilkelly Mike Kilkenny
Jesse Pinkman Jesse Pickrell
Joaquin Salamanca Joaquin Saldana
   Leonel Salamanca Leonel Santiago
   Marco Salamanca Marco Sabbatini
Max Arciniega Thomas Arciniega
Mike Ehrmantraut Mike Trout
Saul Goodman Scott Goodman
Steven Gomez Steve Gomez
Ted Beneke Mike Benacka
Tim Roberts Timothy Roberts
Tomás Cantillo Tomas Castillo
Walter White Walter White

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