The VORG’s “All-Olympics” Team

So the 2012 Summer Olympics have started in London.  We at the VORG have great respect and admiration for the thousands of (mostly) amateur athletes competing.  To show support for the Olympic spirit, here is the VORG’s “All-Olympic” team, with names of minor league and major league players:

C: Alex Bike, Gary London, Bill Skiff

1B: Tennis Mounts, Nate Gold

2B: Rafael (Water) Polo

SS: Gregory Swim

3B: Hunter Lane

OF: Clint Hurdle, Ben Hammer, Angel Scull

SP: Bruce Divers, Bob Walk, Chris Archer, Shawn Box, Jamie Sailors

RP: Royce Ring, T.J. Beam

Util: Donald Jumper, Howard Jumper, Richard Games


A reminder that the VORG is holding a pledge drive.  Thanks!

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