Active Franchise Won-Loss Records by Day of Week

Last time out we discussed the best and worst franchise won-loss records for each date of the season.  There’s another way to parse the baseball calendar and that is by the day of the week.   For example, the Braves recently broke a 16-game losing streak on Mondays.

So, which franchises perform best and worst on each day of the week?  Not surprisingly, the Yankees dominate the “best” side of the ledger, leading on six of the seven days (they’re second on that seventh day).  On the “worst” side, it shouldn’t be a shock to see recent expansion clubs and/or clubs with historically poor overall records litter the field.

As for the Braves, Mondays haven’t historically given them problems.  Texas, St. Louis, the Yankees and the White Sox are the ones that don’t like Mondays (tell me why).

Next time out, best and worst single season records by day of week.

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