Pirates create a new linescore for the record books

In baseball history, there have been approximately 2,650 different game linescores (R-H-E) achieved, with about 900 of them only occurring once.  Last year, the Indians gave us the first ever 1-0-5 linescore, scoring a single run and throwing the ball around while getting no-hit by Ervin Santana in a 3-1 loss.  Now the Pirates have knocked another linescore from the “never been done” ledger.

In last night’s 12-2 loss to the Cubs, the Buccos collected two runs on four hits, and their defense committed seven errors.  This 2-4-7 linescore had NEVER happened in baseball history before Friday night.  Through 2011, there has been one 2-3-7 linescore, three 2-4-6s, no 2-4-8s, one 2-4-9 and three 2-5-7s.

As a side note, going into the eighth inning, the Pirates line stood at 0-1-7.  I wondered if any team had ever had at least six more errors than hits and runs combined.  In fact, ESPN’s Doug Kern verified (in a DM to me) that it had never happened . . . five is the record.  Alas, the Pirates did pick up two runs and three hits with no errors through the end of the game.

Here are those games in which a team had five more errors than hits and runs combined:

May 4, 1966: Cardinals 0-1-6

June 21, 1918: (Phila.) Athletics 0-1-6

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