Are you ready for some Football/Baseball?

The 2012 NFL regular season has begun, but the baseball pennant races are also competing for our attention.  To address these dueling pastimes, the VORG offers you the names of current or former baseball players (1871-2011) who had a football counterpart active in the NFL in 2011:

MLBer                                        NFLer                                 NFL position

Bart Johnson Bart Johnson WR
Brian Smith Brian Smith LB
Brian Williams Brian Williams DB
Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell T
Bruce Miller Bruce Miller DL
C.J. Wilson C.J. Wilson DB
C.J. Wilson C.J. Wilson DE
Charles Johnson Charles Johnson DE
Charlie Johnson Charlie Johnson T
Chris Carter Chris Carter DL
Chris Clemons Chris Clemons DB
Chris Clemons Chris Clemons LB
Chris Johnson Chris Johnson DB
Chris Johnson Chris Johnson RB
Chris Jones Chris Jones P
Chris Smith Chris Smith DB
Curtis Brown Curtis Brown DB
Daryl Smith Daryl Smith LB
Eric Young Eric Young T
Frank Walker Frank Walker DB
Greg Jones Greg Jones LB
Greg Jones Greg Jones RB
Greg Smith Greg Smith TE
Jason Jones Jason Jones DT
Jason Phillips Jason Phillips LB
Jason Smith Jason Smith T
Jeff King Jeff King TE
Joe Berger Joe Berger T
Joe Mays Joe Mays LB
Joe Morgan Joe Morgan WR
John Sullivan John Sullivan C
Johnny Jones Johnny Jones DL
Jose Valdez Jose Valdez G
Josh Johnson Josh Johnson QB
Josh Wilson Josh Wilson DB
Kerry Taylor Kerry Taylor WR
Kris Wilson Kris Wilson TE
Larry Johnson Larry Johnson RB
Lee Smith Lee Smith TE
Luis Castillo Luis Castillo DE-DT
Matt Moore Matt Moore QB
Mike Adams Mike Adams DB
Mike Johnson Mike Johnson G
Mike Morgan Mike Morgan LB
Mike Patterson Mike Patterson DT
Mike Rivera Mike Rivera LB
Mike Thomas Mike Thomas WR
Mike Wallace Mike Wallace WR
Mike Williams Mike Williams WR
Mike Williams Mike Williams WR
Reggie Smith Reggie Smith DB
Ryan Cook Ryan Cook C
Steven Jackson Steven Jackson RB
Thomas Howard Thomas Howard LB
Tom Johnson Tom Johnson DT
Tony Gonzalez Tony Gonzalez TE
Victor Cruz Victor Cruz WR
Willie Smith Willie Smith T

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