The VORG’s “All-Font” Team

Mark Simon of ESPN asked me the following this afternoon:

Mark Simon@msimonespn

@dianagram Challenge: Is there an All-Font team to be done in honor of Texas Rangers rookie Wilmer Font?

Now, most devoted readers of the VORG know that I like words.  I like word games.  I like documentaries about typefaces.  I like word games with odd typefaces for letters.  So, a “font theme team” should be a natural.

I compared a list of typefaces with the first and last names in the Lahman Baseball Database.

Here are some near-misses for last names:
ABADI: Andy Abad (“Andy” is also a typeface, as we’ll see later)

ALBERTUS: Butch Alberts, Cy Alberts, Gus Alberts

ALEXANDRIA: Bob Alexander, Dale Alexander, Doyle Alexander, Gary Alexander, Gerald Alexander, Hugh Alexander, Manny Alexander, Matt Alexander, Nin Alexander, Pete Alexander, Walt Alexander

AVENIR: Bruce Aven

BOOKMAN: Buddy Booker, Chris Booker, Greg Booker, Rod Booker

GARAMOND: Keith Garagozzo

GEORGIA: Alex George, Bill George, Chris George, Greek George, Lefty George

LATO: Mat Latos

LUCIDA: Con Lucid

Here are the exact matches for either first or last name:

Fred Archer
Jim Archer
Jimmy Archer

Beau Bell
Bill Bell
Buddy Bell
Charlie Bell
David Bell
Derek Bell
Eric Bell
Fern Bell
Frank Bell
Gary Bell
George Bell
Gus Bell
Heath Bell
Hi Bell
Jay Bell
Jerry Bell
Josh Bell
Juan Bell
Kevin Bell
Les Bell
Mike Bell
Ralph Bell
Rob Bell
Rudy Bell
Terry Bell
Trevor Bell

Fred Cambria

Jesse Jefferson
Reggie Jefferson
Stan Jefferson

Andrew Miller
Bert Miller
Bill Miller
Bing Miller
Bob Miller
Bruce Miller
Charlie Miller
Chuck Miller
Corky Miller
Cyclone Miller
Damian Miller
Darrell Miller
Doc Miller
Doggie Miller
Dots Miller
Dusty Miller
Dyar Miller
Ed Miller
Eddie Miller
Elmer Miller
Frank Miller
Fred Miller
George Miller
Hack Miller
Hughie Miller
Jai Miller
Jake Miller
Jason Miller
Jim Miller
Joe Miller
John Miller
Justin Miller
Keith Miller
Kohly Miller
Kurt Miller
Larry Miller
Lemmie Miller
Matt Miller
Norm Miller
Orlando Miller
Otto Miller
Ox Miller
Paul Miller
Ralph Miller
Randy Miller
Ray Miller
Red Miller
Rick Miller
Rod Miller
Roger Miller
Ronnie Miller
Roscoe Miller
Rudy Miller
Russ Miller
Stu Miller
Tom Miller
Travis Miller
Trever Miller
Wade Miller
Walt Miller
Ward Miller
Warren Miller
Whitey Miller
Miller Huggins

Blas Monaco

Bill Roman
Jose Roman
Roman Colon
Roman Mejias

Jerry Scala

Jake Virtue

Gary Weiss
Joe Weiss
Walt Weiss

Jason Windsor

Andy Abad
Andy Allanson
Andy Allison
Andy Anderson
Andy Ashby
Andy Barkett
Andy Bednar
Andy Beene
Andy Benes
Andy Boswell
Andy Bruckmiller
Andy Cannizaro
Andy Carey
Andy Carter
Andy Cavazos
Andy Coakley
Andy Cohen
Andy Cook
Andy Dirks
Andy Dominique
Andy Dunning
Andy Etchebarren
Andy Fox
Andy Gilbert
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Green
Andy Hansen
Andy Harrington
Andy Harrington
Andy Hassler
Andy Hawkins
Andy High
Andy Karl
Andy Knox
Andy Kosco
Andy Kyle
Andy Lapihuska
Andy Larkin
Andy LaRoche
Andy Leonard
Andy Marte
Andy McGaffigan
Andy Merchant
Andy Messersmith
Andy Mota
Andy Nelson
Andy O’Connor
Andy Oyler
Andy Pafko
Andy Parrino
Andy Pettitte
Andy Phillips
Andy Piercy
Andy Pilney
Andy Pratt
Andy Replogle
Andy Rincon
Andy Rush
Andy Seminick
Andy Sheets
Andy Sommerville
Andy Sonnanstine
Andy Spognardi
Andy Stankiewicz
Andy Stewart
Andy Sullivan
Andy Swan
Andy Thompson
Andy Tomasic
Andy Tomberlin
Andy Tracy
Andy Van Hekken
Andy Van Slyke
Andy Varga
Andy Woehr

Dax Jones

Hercules Burnett

Orator Shaffer


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