The VORG’s Frankenstorm Team

So, here in New York City-Metro area (VORG headquarters), we’re preparing for Hurricane Sandy, which is supposed to make landfall in South Jersey sometime Monday evening.  With that, we’re raiding store shelves for candles, bottled water, batteries and such. To keep my mind off the weather, I present to you the “Frankenstorm” Team: C: Sandy … Read moreThe VORG’s Frankenstorm Team

The VORG 2012 World Series Preview

Here’s some things you probably didn’t know about each member of the World Series teams (based on presumed rosters as of Tuesday afternoon). First up, the Tigers: Pitchers  Al Alburquerque : Has not allowed a homerun in his 56.2 inning MLB career (regular season).  Only player in MLB history with two “Qs” in his name. … Read moreThe VORG 2012 World Series Preview

Its “Mole Day”

Some science geeks declare today to be “Mole Day“.  Mole Day is: … an unofficial holiday celebrated among chemists on October 23, between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM, making the date 6:02 10/23 … The time and date are derived from Avogadro’s number, which is approximately 6.02×1023, defining the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in one mole of substance … Which … Read moreIts “Mole Day”

Internet Baseball Awards

Baseball Prospectus is once again hosting the annual “Greg Spira Memorial Internet Baseball Awards“, where readers can cast a vote for their Cy Youngs, MVPs, top rookies and managers of the year.  You can also post links to your votes to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. You don’t have to have a paid account … Read moreInternet Baseball Awards

The Space Jump . . . in Baseball terms

Earlier today, Felix Baumgartner successfully completed a jump from a record 24 miles in space.  A pressurized capsule, lifted by a special helium balloon, ascended to 128,097 feet before Baumgartner leapt out of the capsule and endured an extensive free-fall before deploying his parachute. So, let’s put 128,097 feet in terms baseball fans can understand … Read moreThe Space Jump . . . in Baseball terms

Baseball is a Melting Pot

In honor of the official Columbus Day today, here are the earliest appearances of a player from each US State/territory, Canadian province and many foreign countries.  This covers 1871-2011: Birthplace / Name / Debut Afghanistan Jeff Bronkey 5/2/1993 American Samoa Tony Solaita 9/16/1968 Aruba Gene Kingsale 9/3/1996 Australia Joe Quinn 4/26/1884 Austria Kurt Krieger 4/21/1949 Austria-Hungary Joe Koukalik 9/1/1904 Bahamas Andre Rodgers 4/16/1957 Belgium Brian Lesher 8/25/1996 British Honduras Chito Martinez 7/5/1991 CAN AB Fred Osborne … Read moreBaseball is a Melting Pot

A’s Will Pack their (small) House for Game 3

The Oakland A’s play in a stadium that CAN hold 50,000 fans, but over the past few years, management has decided to “cover” approximately 19,000 seats in the outfield so the facility doesn’t look so empty when an average 20,000 show up.  Their current seating capacity is the lowest in the Majors. Now that the … Read moreA’s Will Pack their (small) House for Game 3

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